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Environmental Protection in a United Europe

This manuscript is the result of the Jean Monnet Module “Think Green, Act Green: Environmental Protection in a United Europe” (TAG-EU), implemented by the CERNESIM Environmental Research Center of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza Univeristy of Iași (UAIC).

The manuscript is primarily based on information and materials included in Official Publications of the European Union through its institutions (including the European Commission) – all of which are listed in the Reference section. Written in an easy to follow manner, the manuscript provides a comprehensive and up-to-date informational package needed to understand and acknowledge the importance of European Integration and Environmental Protection and Policies. The interdisciplinary approach of the manuscript (with economic, social, legal, historical and political reflections) creates the premises for an efficient dissemination to a wider audience across the European Community and abroad.

You can download the file here. The file is password protected. Contact us at or using the Contact form, with your name, occupation and institution and we will reply with the password.


Think Green, Act Green Booklet

The TAG-EU Booklet represents a compendium of the students’ team assignment reports. Over the course of the two lectures and over the three years of implementation, the students were assigned study topics that they worked on in teams.

The works within this booklet were selected from the complete pool of assignments handed in by all the TAG-EU students over the three years. They were evaluated by the teaching staff and the best projects on each of the sub-topics of Section I and II were included in the booklet.

The main objective of this booklet was to create and instil interest in ardent EU topics by disseminating the research and the views expressed by the attending students. We believe that this material provides valuable information that is useful for those interested in studying the topics of European Integration and Environmental Policy. In addition, we hope that, by making this work openly available to the public, we will help get the views expressed by the young authors across to those parties who are able to shape the future policies of the European Union.

You can download the file here.

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