Why participate? – TAG-EU

Why participate?


why join 3d

TAG-EU offers you an exciting 1 year development program with the support of the European Commission. It will include activities such as:

– Interactive workshops on European integration and environmental issues (18 hours/month for 6 months);
– Conferences, focus-groups, applied case studies, team projects;
– Practical activities in the field;
– Meetings and interactions with experts and professionals.


TAG-EU can give you an edge in the hiring process for:

Environmental auditor
Environmental inspector
Public administration
Consulting services specialist
Officer in top national and EU institutions
Environmental expert in private companies
Agricultural and forestry agency inspector
… or start your own green business enterprise


Eligibility criteria:

– Bachelor student with good academic results;
– Average level of English;
– Enrolled at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi


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