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Useful resources

The Voice of the Students paper series

The Voice of the Students series of papers is intended to collect and disseminate ideas on solving ardent environmental issues, as they are expressed by a group of students with diverse academic backgrounds (but specialized in the study of EU integration and environmental policies). Thus, from an educational standpoint, the aim of this work has been to encourage the students to get involved in assessing and tackling ‘hot’ EU environmental issues by actively participating in an open discussion (in the form of a focus group) that involves their classmates and is guided by the TAG-EU teaching staff. From an academic standpoint, the research is meant to provide interested parties (e.g. policy makers, public administration, NGOs, researchers in the field of environmental policy), as well as the public, with a unique point of view into tackling ardent EU environmental issues.

1st edition (involving students of the TAG-EU class of 2016)

Voice of the students: How Can the EU take the global lead on tackling climate change?

2nd edition (involving students of the TAG-EU classes of 2017 and 2018)

Voice of the students: the role of education and public administration in mitigating environmental issues in Romania

Regions, EU institutions and decision-making

a free online course provided by the European Committee of the Regions (CoR)

During its eight thematic weekly chapters, the first opening on 19 October 2015, politicians (including CoR members, MEPs), experts (from the EC) and academics will have their voice on topics of interest for local and regional authorities, such as EU cohesion policy, smart specialization, migration and access to EU programmes, and more.

The course content is delivered in the form of videos, fact-sheets and live debates to be web-streamed from the Committee of the Regions, plus a social forum providing for exchange and feedback. The course will be available on an online e-learning platform, free of charge, as of October 2015 in English; the registration opened in August 2015.

For more information connect with us on Twitter @EU_MOOC! A promotional video is also available.

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